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Real Estate Analysis, Reports & Forecasts

Gain insight into the real estate market using our search & analytics platform and reports.
Direct, up-to-date access to home, apartment, and land records around the world.

Become an industry expert

REDI provides completely customizable real estate reports. Our comprehensive analyses, stats, trends, and charts enable you to better serve your clients or interests with true market knowledge, and gain industry exposure.

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Create a branded experience

REDI lets you build reports for your business, not ours. Use your name and branding to produce the exact result you want so it can be shared with clients or internally for a seamless experience.

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Advanced data cleaning & fusion

Whether you're using your data or ours, you can opt to run it through our processing engine to remove duplicates, match addresses, and eliminate invalid data. Many systems skip this step entirely, which unfortunately produces inaccurate reports that affect business decisions and reduce client confidence.

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Distribute & track your effort

After sending your reports to clients, press, staff, and everyone else, it's important to see how they perform. Our platform enables you to monitor engagement and see how viewers interact with the info you provide to better tailor future conversations.

REDI Tracking & Analytics

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